General Terms and Conditions Hotel "Zum Turm"

§1 Guest accommodation contract

The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room has been ordered and confirmed verbally or in writing. The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfil the contract, irrespective of the duration of the contract.

Our cancellation conditions:

We only charge cancellation fees if we cannot rent the room to someone else at short notice.

     28 days before the guest's arrival, the accommodation contract can be cancelled free of charge by both parties by

     unilateral declaration contracting parties free of charge.

     thereafter 80% of the agreed room rate. If you subsequently make an equivalent booking at our hotel within 12

     months, we can credit 60% of the cancellation costs to the new booking. new booking.

Other agreements require written confirmation.

§2 Late arrival

Please inform us if you arrive after 18:00. In the case of verbal bookings without a credit card guarantee, the hotelier reserves the right to reallocate ordered rooms after 18:00 in order to avoid the above-mentioned cancellation costs, which we will however charge in the event of non-occupancy. Without receipt of a written reconfirmation and credit card guarantee, a booking will not be held.

§3 Arrival and departure times

Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 15:00 (arrival day) and until 11:00 (departure day). Changes to the arrival or departure time require prior agreement. However, even after prior agreement, the guest has no contractual right to earlier or further provision of the hotel rooms. After 13:00, the hotel has the right to charge the room rate for an additional night. A day room is calculated from the stated room rate minus the breakfast rate.

§4 Force majeure

Furthermore, in the event of force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible, the hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the performance of the contract without any compensation being due to the customer.

§5 Service provision

The hotel is obliged to provide the services ordered by the guest and promised by the hotel.

§6 Payment obligation

The guest is obliged to pay the prices agreed with the hotel for this purpose.

§7 We try to fulfil your wishes

Especially with rooms booked online and at short notice, it can happen that not every wish can be fulfilled. For secure wish fulfilment, please feel free to book by telephone on 06774 9220-0.

§8 Non-smoking room

Our hotel rooms are strictly non-smoking rooms. If guests nevertheless smoke in the room or at the open window, we will charge the room guest a gross fee of 50,- Euro for the cleaning costs (curtains, furniture, bedding, etc.). If the room cannot be rented the next day due to the strong smell of smoke, an additional night will be charged according to the hotel tariff.

§9 Family pets

Small pets or dogs are allowed in some rooms on request for a cleaning fee of 13,- uro/night. As we have some hotel rooms for allergy sufferers, pets are not allowed in these rooms. In case of non-observance, an extra cleaning fee of 150 EUR gross is due.

Admission requirements:

- The owner must bring a dog blanket or it can be borrowed from our reception on arrival.

- The dog owner is obliged to point out behavioural problems of his dog, especially if it snaps, bites, growls at people in the long term or is subject to the fighting dog regulations.


- Also in the interest of the other guests, only vaccinated and dewormed animals are accepted, furthermore the animals must be house-trained, well-groomed and free of contagious pathogens such as mites, fleas, lice or similar.

-The dog must have a valid vaccination against the following animal diseases: S H L T P (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies, parvovirosis). The vaccination certificate must be presented on request.


- For all dogs, we assume the existence of a pet owner's liability insurance. The owner or his insurance company is liable for damages caused by the animal. Claims for damages by the guest are excluded unless they are based on intent or gross negligence on the part of the hotel or its employees.Information on arrival and about our house can be found conveniently on our website.

§10 Lost property

Any items left behind by the customer will only be forwarded at the customer's request, risk and expense.

§11 Damage / Losses

The customer shall be fully liable for any damage or loss (e.g. damage to premises, loss of items,...) occurring during the term of the contract, unless the damage is the responsibility of the hotel, which must be proven by the customer in each case.

§12 Terms of payment

Invoices of the hotel are to be paid upon departure, in case of written acceptance of costs within 14 days after receipt of the invoice without deduction. In the event of late payment, the hotel shall be entitled to charge interest at a rate of 4% above the Bundesbank discount rate.

A reminder fee of Euro 5.00 is owed for each reminder.

§13 Prices

Our prices are final prices, including VAT. For longer-term bookings, we reserve the right to make a recalculation depending on the market situation and season.

§14 User agreement on the use of internet access via Wifi

1. Permission to share the use of a WiFi network

The owner operates an internet access via WLAN in his hotel. As a courtesy, he allows the guest to share use of the W-LAN access to the Internet for the duration of his stay in the hotel. The shared use is a service of the hotel and can be revoked at any time. By logging into our system, the guest agrees to the terms of use in §14.

The guest does not have the right to allow third parties to use the W-LAN. The responsibility of the transmitted data remains with the password recipient.

The owner does not guarantee the actual availability, suitability or reliability of the internet access for any purpose. He is entitled at any time to discontinue the operation of the WLAN in whole, in part or temporarily, to admit further co-users and to restrict or exclude the guest's access in whole, in part or temporarily. In particular, the proprietor reserves the right, at its own discretion and at any time, to block access to certain pages or services via the WLAN (e.g. pages glorifying violence, pornographic pages or pages for which a fee is charged).

The co-user alone is responsible for creating all technical and organisational conditions for the use of the W-LAN.

2. Access data

Use is by entering a user name and password. The access data is intended for the guest's personal use only and may not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances. The guest undertakes to keep his/her access data secret. The owner has the right to change access codes at any time.

3. Dangers of WiFi use, limitation of liability

The guest is informed that the WLAN only allows access to the Internet, virus protection and firewall are not available. The data traffic established using the WLAN is not encrypted. The data can therefore possibly be viewed by third parties. The owner expressly points out that there is a risk that malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) may get onto the end device when using the WLAN.

The use of the WLAN is at the guest's own risk. The proprietor accepts no liability for damage to the guest's computer caused by the use of the Internet access, unless the damage was caused by the proprietor intentionally or through gross negligence.

4. Security

Data transmission is free of charge, but unencrypted.

The data can therefore possibly be viewed by third parties.

Please note this especially when transmitting secret or company data. The WLAN only enables access to the internet. The retrieved content is not subject to any checks by the owner, in particular as to whether it contains malware. The use of the WLAN is at the user's own risk. The owner expressly points out that there is a risk that malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) may get onto the end device when using the WLAN.

5. Responsibility and release from claims

The guest is responsible for the data transmitted via the WLAN, the services used via it and the legal transactions carried out. If the guest visits websites for which a charge is made or enters into liabilities, the resulting costs shall be borne by the guest. The guest is obliged to comply with the applicable law when using the Wifi.

He shall in particular:

- not use the W-LAN to retrieve or distribute immoral or illegal content;

- not unlawfully reproduce, distribute or make accessible any copyrighted goods;

- observe the applicable regulations for the protection of minors

- not send or distribute any harassing, defamatory or threatening content;

- not use the W-LAN to send mass messages (spam) and/or other forms of inadmissible advertising.

The co-user shall indemnify the hotelier against all damages and claims of third parties which are based on an unlawful use of the W-LAN by the co-user and/or on a violation of this agreement; this shall also extend to costs and expenses associated with the claim or its defence. If the guest recognises or must recognise that such an infringement of rights and/or such an infringement exists or is imminent, he shall inform the hotelier of this circumstance.