Experience an unforgettable evening with the winemakers and restauranteurs of the Middle Rhine Moments

In 1996, seven wine producers and seven restauranteurs from the Lorelei Valley were all agreed - 'We have to act, not talk'. So they got to work. Together they developed the 'Middle Rhine Moments'. Full of energy and zest, each wine producer and a restauranteur put on an event together, events that also offered an extra cultural highlight. The motto of the events was simple – it was not the quantity that counted, but quality. And this still true of these events today!

All participants are fiercely proud of their local produce, their own efforts, traditions and the specialities of their region. Equally important is the stylish programme of cultural events. At the Middle Rhine Moments the guest always takes centre stage. And if the visitors leave with the words 'See you next year' then the winemakers and restauranteurs are delighted, safe in the knowledge that they got it right. The many sold-out events are proof of this time and time again.

Experience unforgettable evenings with the winemakers and restauranteurs of the Middle Rhine Moments, hosts that not want to satisfy their guests, but delight them!

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