Corona-Regualtions for our Hotel





You are

the best guests by far!!!!!

These points are relevant for you as a guest:

° Hygiene

There is a disinfectant dispenser in the entrance area. Please use it before entering the house. Then you are on the safe side. Everything you touch in the house is disinfected several times a day.

° Distances

The distances must be strictly adhered to. Please contact the crossing guest in case of encounters on the way.

° Face mask

In the whole house and on the terrace we all wear the mouthguard, which you should bring from home. We are sure that there are some stylish exhibits, we would like to see them. Please leave the mouthguard on until you sit at the table. Whenever you get up you have to wear the mask again.

° Table reservation

Please reserve a table in advance, this is mandatory and so we can prepare and prepare perfectly. This applies to hotel and regional guests! We have to collect the data and keep it for 1 month, because of the possibility to follow the infection chains.

° Menu

We disinfect our menu after each use.

° Napkins

We know you're used to cloth-conserved meals with us. Unfortunately, it is now mandatory that we use disposable paper napkins. This serves the purpose.

° Air cleaning

In our restaurant we use an air purification unit equipped with a hospital quality HyperHEPA filter, which guarantees a neutralisation efficiency of at least 99.5% for even the smallest micro-organisms in the air and an effectiveness of more than 99.97% for particles up to 0.3 μm This therefore also includes corona viruses, which have a diameter of between 0.08 and 0.12 micrometres. This efficiency was confirmed in parallel by an independent German aerosol test laboratory.


Let the reception desk

pretty empty!

All regulations for the restaurant also apply to the hotel. Hygiene - distance - mouthguards in the whole house on the walking paths.

° Check Inn

Please enter only the visitor, who will take care of the formalities (handing out the keys, registration stone) and then move into the rooms with the other guests.

° Room cleaning

Please understand that we clean the room after three days if you stay longer. For the protection of you and our staff. On departure the room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with ozone.

° Breakfast

We serve you our breakfast at your assigned table. So we can keep the distance.